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Mid-week training has gone well for A&T this week, and less well for G.

T made it out on Thursday afternoon for a pleasant 23 mile ride around rural north Cambridge. Despite some minor directional issues, it was some good time on the road. Although lonely at times, there were lots of middle-aged women speeding around in 4x4s to keep T company. He has come to realise, however, that whilst footballers are still massive pansies for wearing gloves, cyclists most certainly require them when it is -1 degree celcius. First thing the next day, T went out and bought some gloves.

For A, a few long sessions on the turbo trainer in the flat after work as well as a few lunchtime runs ensured that he kept his training right on track. Less can be said for G.

In a freak bike maintenance accident, G lost the tip of his right index finger to the chainring of his new fixie. We considered adding the photo to the blog, but it really is rather grim and we are hoping to broaden our readership rather than stunt it. Spending Monday night and half of Tuesday in hospital, before leaving with a large bandage on his finger, training for G was ruled out for the week. Oh dear.

Luckily come Saturday G rather bravely (and equally stupidly) felt the pain in his finger was sufficiently numbed to warrant getting back in the saddle. A&G headed out for a warm up ride out past the Olympic park, ahead of a planned long cycle on Sunday. The start of the ride was a bit of a disaster due to some poor navigating and a lack of prior planning, but once we found the canal path we were looking for, the ride turned good. We sailed back at decent speed through the Lee Valley Park and Hackney Marshes, before shooting right by the Olympic Stadium.

Cycling out of the city past the Anish Kapoor olympic park mega-sculpture before quietly drifting through canal-side industrial parks and semi-wasteland felt a little bit like cycling back through time. The change in scenery was coupled with a change in the weather; we soon found ourselves complaining our way through strong headwinds and freezing temperatures. There were serious concerns for all 40 phalanges, not just G’s maimed index finger, but thick gloves and double socking ensured that A&G just about survived.

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