revolution is in the air

So, not a huge entry today but important none the less. Important in both what did and didn’t occur in the past two weeks.

Firstly to what didn’t happen; training hard. Poor weather conditions meant that not much time was spent on the bike outdoors. This confined A&G to the turbo trainer in the flat which began to grate on both their patience and their tyres. T felt as much cabin fever on the bike machine in the gym back in Cambridge.  A&T travelled up on the weekend to train with T although ice on the roads meant that plans for big rides didn’t come to fruition.

To add insult to injury, this week G cracked his rear rim and A suffered an unfortunate morning commute puncture, so once again the flat transformed into a temporary workshop. Oh, and the boiler broke.

greg doing his best to look unimpressed by the whole situation


Next, to what did happen;  the team grew. That’s right we are now officially an international team. Joined by Oli (who lives in Wales, which means we are international), some would say a bike evangelist, others the next Lance Armstrong, most just call him Oli.

The next addition to the team was Lawrence, a Geologist by trade, a road rider by nature, Lawrence has been riding bikes since before he could identify different rock strata. With some big names joining the team, planning of the trip continued in full steam. We have an itinerary, a kit list and big plans to train a hell of a lot harder….

A&G have taken to getting up before work to ride out east along one of Boris’ cycle super highways in an attempt to avoid the dreaded turbo trainer, O is cutting sleep out of his schedule in order to cycle more and do more protein shakes. Now a double team, T&L will be hitting the (hopefully de-iced) Cambridgeshire roads to burn rubber.

In other news, if anyone knows of anyone with floor space in Paris we’d love to be put in touch. Oh, and A is still looking for a road bike…

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One thought on “revolution is in the air

  1. Kat Vaughan says:

    EXCELLENT bike-fixing attire Greg!

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