a tale of two cities

The title is largely misleading, as it is in fact a tale of two rural and suburban areas surrounding two cities, but we couldn’t find anything in that vein in the literary archives.

T has given us an extensive run down of his training regime this week, we read it so you don’t have to. Highlights include a five and a half hour road ride on Sunday, of which four hours and fifty two minutes were spent riding, average speed between 15.7-16.4mph. Unfortunately T didn’t go into much detail about the ride so you’ll have to settle with that. He did mention that the distance was between 76.8-85.5 miles, but isn’t sure exactly as his speedometer and Android GPS app came up with different results. We’re not sure on the exact make of the speedometer or model of Android. Again, we can only apologise for the lack of detail.

ladies, remarkably tom bishop is single

After work on Friday A&G retreated to the leafy suburbs of A’s parents house in Watford, in what was by all accounts a terrible terrible ride. On Saturday they met with new member Oli, who chased after them in a van for a while with his camera shouting things. The ensuing footage will be posted shortly. Blessed for the first time with gears, and having left O and his camera behind, A&G did another ride on Saturday. The joy of multiple gears was short lived as a torrential downpour which lasted for three hours left their extremities too cold and numb to actually operate the gears. A cried in the shower when they finally got home. G was unable to speak coherently. O just laughed, glad that he had trees to fell instead that afternoon. What a man.

While in Watford, A&G went to CostCo Wholesalers to stock up on food. Unfortunately A got very much carried away and spent upwards of fifty pounds on a wide variety of cereals.

the costco receipt

L is currently studying rocks in foreign climbs, combining his studies with putting some spins on the pedals in, apparently on the very same rocks he claims to be studying. It may well skew his results, but it is too soon to tell.

In exciting news, there may well be a sixth member joining the team. Bam, or Banter is he is otherwise known is somewhat of a wildcard. Not much is known about this character, but what little we do know suggests he is somewhat of a maverick. Once spotted riding the Black Mountains of Wales in only a single wooly sock, he is sure to add something to the group dynamic. What that is exactly we’re not sure, but hopefully his mad bike mechanic skills will be useful, as will his witty banter.

We may have sorted a van, a driver, another driver, a guy with a camera to film us do this silly journey and some floor space in Paris for us to rest our heads when/if we get there. So all-in-all things are progressing splendidly. Stay frosty.

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