it’s all about the bike

Lance Armstrong, perhaps one of the most widely known and well respected tour riders in the world, famously named his autobiography It’s not about the bike. Our experiences this week tell us that this is most definitely not true. But more on that later.

It has been a week of firsts for the LTP24 team. For the first time since training began more than two of the team were able to ride together. T met G & A on an early morning romp from London to Cambridge. The three of them had the opportunity to practice their drafting and discuss complex and wholly unnecessary peloton politics. T also showcased his cunning lack of pockets riding solution.

T goes for the Chris Hoy look by stuffing maltloaf down his lyrca...

A second opportunity of practicing professional manoeuvres was had when L, G and A, accompanied by Dan (a friend keen to lose his bankers belly, but not bonus) joined them on a planned hundred miler on Sunday. This was a second first for the team – a ride in GLORIOUS SUNSHINE. Despite the 4 of them having no idea what route to take, it turned into a fantastic ride around the beautiful countryside of Cambridgeshire, based on the ‘pick a road, any road’ navigating principle. Unfortunately Lance’s imposed false sense of security caused an upset late in the day…

A previous blog post mentioned how the old green work horse G has been riding on was coming to the end of its working life. Sunday may well have been that day. Amongst a long list of other ailments, a week or so ago a crack appeared in the rim of the rear wheel. By mid-afternoon the crack had grown into a much larger crack, despite (or because of) some cereal box based repairs. Making a sound resembling a steam train chugging up a hill, both the team’s patience and G’s brake pads were wearing thin.

L, A & G, somewhere near Newmarket

Just as the team were hitting the 90 mile mark at the end of the day, an important looking part of the rim fell off. And so it seemed the old work horse may well have seen its last day. It now sits in the flat, its replacement only a few days away, silently awaiting a fate similar to Boxer. All bikes are equal, but some bikes are more equal than others…

This brings us nicely onto the next point, some of us do more than others. The man behind this all, T, doesn’t appear that frequently on the blog, but this is not due to a lack of activity. The majority of the important organisation and planning that is making this whole trip possible is undertaken by T, leaving the glamorous side to the rest of us. T, we thank you.

O and D probably did some insane amount of training this week too, but we have little to report – they are the quiet mavericks of the team who seldom make contact. We estimate the combined mileage of the whole team this weekend is somewhere in the region of 800 miles. Go on then, be impressed, sponsor us!

The last thing of note to report is that LTP24 has gone Hollywood.  We now have our own cameraman! Dave, a man with a camera, will be joining Roy, our man with a van, to film the whole affair and put together a super sexy art house production of the ride. Pain and despair in glorious technicolour… coming to a cinema near you soon.

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4 thoughts on “it’s all about the bike

  1. John says:

    Just wanted to say how well I think you guys are doing! You’ve had half the time we had to train and organise the event, but you are getting through the training miles at an alarming rate! The blog posts are great too :-) with all the effort you are putting in you are going to really enjoy the ride itself! Have fun!!

  2. rob gilbert says:

    Stozzle. Get rid of those 80’s clips and straps and 90’s running keds and man up to SPDs. You lower the tone.

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