t-minus one month

On Friday evening, while watching 4oD (in typical student fashion), T started to feel rather ill. Since there had been a fairly boozy evening the night before, T initially put it down to a late-stage hangover. However, as the migraine, fever and whole-body aches developed, it appeared to be something else. Come alarm clock 7am the following morning, it was not looking great for the 120-mile day. This was confirmed when T nearly fainted getting up, and then again when he moved to answer the phone to G. It was a frustrating weekend, but if that is the worst training set-back LtP24 has to deal with, we think we’ll be doing all right.

Without the bed-ridden T, G & A pushed hard on a big 120-miler on Saturday.  Comfortably averaging close to 17mph, the two were pleased that all the training was paying dividends. On the big day, over the whole distance, the team needs to average 15mph (19 hrs riding, 3 hrs ferry crossing, 2 hrs in rest stops).

thank you seb!

G & A were joined by L for a shorter 60 mile ride on the Sunday. This was the first of a three day cycling binge for L, who had taken a few days off for  a different sort of binge. However when riding alone the next day, L worryingly felt the onset of illness like T. Luckily he is going to be spending some time in the next few weeks touring the hills of northern Spain. Bloody students.

With the Easter holiday approaching, O and D were overheard discussing big rides and snow drifts. We know what you are thinking – it’s the beginning of Spring, snow is hard to find… Well, apparently not so up Mt. Snowdon and the surrounding peaks. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t taking training seriously.

It is now t-minus one month to D-Day!

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