the british are coming

This past week L & T have been out of the country on a geology field trip (although they prefer the term ‘rock tour’). They have been trying to squeeze in training here and there when they can.

On the weekend G & A rode from London to Bath in a heat wave. Despite being fully clad in lycra (G resembling a highlighter pen) and sporting comical tan lines, the two ventured to a pub in the centre of town and had one too many pints. The pair learnt that after 115 miles of riding in baking sun, one pint is one too many pints.

The elusive D finally broke radio silence this week to discuss energy drinks, bars, gels and other manly things like protein. It turns out that we won’t be consuming 4,300 skittles each (3 a minute) for the duration of the 24 hour ride. This is a relief but in many ways also a disappointment.

Mid-week G & A met Andy Haigh, who did the London to Paris ride in 23.3 hours 6 months ago. Andy provided some really useful advice, and gave the team renewed confidence by describing the ride as ‘pretty easy’. Hmm.

O & D (the man with a movie camera) are venturing down to London this Saturday to join G, A & T on an epic 150 miler, destination as yet unknown. D plans to do some interviews for the big blockbuster. The team aren’t quite sure what he has in mind, so let’s hope it veers away from KONY 2012 and into the more favourable direction of something like this:

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