men in tights

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far, we have now raised nearly £800. We still have a long way to go to reach our target, so if you haven’t yet, please support our mammoth effort by clicking here!

The official jerseys arrived in the post this week. We would like to thank Mortimer Spinks and the other generous donors who have helped us by sponsoring the kit. The team will be donning two cycling tops on the ride, bringing attention to the two charities we are supporting; Kenya Education Partnerships & One Laptop Per Child.

Training this past week has been fairly intense. Early on Saturday morning G, A & T set out on a 150 mile ride, with O & D following by car to shoot a new promo film / clown around. Not satisfied with only managing 130 miles due to traffic, the team headed out that evening to a roller-disco to get some extra mileage in. T was especially prolific, spotted doing laps of the dance floor all night long. Women left right and centre were falling head-over-heels, although this was mostly due to G’s long flailing limbs.

L has been continuing his training out in the Pyrenees, ahead of his return to the UK in the coming days, while B has been secretly training deep in the Welsh Valleys.

T-minus 17 to D-day.

NEWS! You will be able to follow our progress on the big day right here on the blog – we will be posting updates as we go. You can follow the blog (the follow button should be at the bottom of this page) if you would also like to receive these updates via email. You can also follow us via twitter here.

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