get involved!

Seeing us off
We will be leaving Marble Arch on Thursday 19th April at 20:00. If you are in London that evening come down and wave us off from 19:45! After you have seen us trundle away down The Mall, you can all go have a nice pint and laugh at how stupid we are. Thanks to everyone who has already committed to attending, and especially to Katie Rogers who has already begun making posters!

Updates during the ride
If you would like to keep informed with how things are going, we will be posting updates on the blog throughout the preceding day and then during the big ride. To get email notifications of these updates, just follow the blog – there is a ‘follow’ button on the bottom right of the blog page. We will also be tweeting these posts @LtP241.

Activity requests
Our good friend and renowned drunk, Conor Meenan, has come up with an idea to add some adventure, humour and general silliness to the 24 hours and beyond. If you have any requests of activities you might like to see carried out, either while we are riding or when we get to Paris, we will do our best to fulfil them. However, in the interest of charity, we would like you to donate some money beforehand and then commit to adding to that if the task is completed. You can either post these requests on the facebook page or email them to, but please try to keep it clean, we don’t want to get arrested.

And lastly, we once again want to thank all of you who have generously donated so far. Every contribution puts a little more juice in our legs and willpower in our heads. In the blog over the next few weeks we will explain how KEP will be putting the money to good use. If you were planning on donating but are yet to do so, we are just 9 days away so now is the time to do it!

did we mention that we eat lots of bananas?

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One thought on “get involved!

  1. A Craft says:

    Well done to all and a massive thanks from the Management Committee at Kenya Education Partnerships – we can’t wait to put your donation to good use!

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