4 days to go!

Massive thank you from the team to all you generous people who have donated to date. We have now raised £2,200, just £600 off our target.

We have further news to report in regards to Tom’s ongoing injury. T has been diagnosed with a very tight ITB band (apparently this is common among cyclists), which means that when cycling the knee is put under a lot of strain. It can be helped with physiotherapy, but realistically there is an extremely high chance that it will recur during the ride, causing a lot of pain. Luckily, the team are all very familiar with T’s constant moaning about anything and everything – “you just don’t understand” – so we will all be well versed in dealing with his complaints of pain.

Jokes aside, we really hope a combination of mental strength and strong pharmaceuticals can get Tom to Paris. Any other outcome is not worth thinking about this close to the big day!

With the ride so close, training in the past week has been winding down. Hours in the saddle have been replaced with hours doing admin. Congestion charges, GPS coordinates, equipment checks and re-checks, schedules, contingencies, food. You name it, T has organised it.  We are almost ready!

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