the magnificent seven

It is time to tell you a little bit more about the darker side of the ride. By which, we of course mean the dark blue jerseys we shall be donning for one half of the journey. Austin’s company, Mortimer Spinks, are supporting the team and raising money for One Laptop Per Child. So far they have raised £1000 for the charity, which brings our total sponsorship to date up to £3,400. We are overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of everyone who has helped support the ride thus far – again, THANK YOU!

As we previously mentioned, Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash (global Ltd. company Mortimer Spinks), is joining us for the first leg of the ride between London and Dover. Aside from doing important things that a CEO does, Albert is a huge cycling enthusiast, having covered many of the major tour routes in Europe. When he heard about the event he was immediately keen to get involved, despite having only a month to train. Arriving in Dover in the early hours on Friday, Albert will bid farewell to the team and head back to London for work in the morning. Fair play to you Albert.

Have a look at the prior mentioned dark jerseys (being handsomely sported by Austin and Albert), and learn more about our support for One Laptop Per Child on the Mortimer Spinks website here.

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