paris the panda

Meet Paris (the Panda).

Paris will be posting updates on the blog and on twitter during the ride on our behalf, because we will all be a bit busy. Remember, you can follow the blog by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, and you will receive these updates straight to your email inbox. Paris is a very funny chappy, so you are all sure to be entertained!

Paris* wrote an ode to the ride for the team:

Once upon a time,
in a land that’s grey and cold,
I knew some brave young men
who were refusing to get old.

They were all grown up, in theory,
even worked in proper jobs –
they’d lost their beards and hoodies,
and no longer looked like yobs.

But that was just their public look –
their front, to face The Man –
in secret they’d been hatching 
a cunning rebel plan.

On their brave metallic steeds
they planned to ride away,
to travel several hundred leagues
within the measure of a day.

These valiant boys trained hard,
many a cold and wintry week,
in pursuit of such a glory
as every man should seek.

And so they rode away,
from the city, t’ward the sea,
to prove to me and you
that even grown-ups can be free.

Their journey’s hard, their road is long –
I hope their bikes may fly.
The fame of such a noble deed,
let’s hope, will never die. 

*pen name Giulia Cirillo

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One thought on “paris the panda

  1. Mark says:

    Good luck guys – you can do it – I did and I was a fat old Mamil fart ….

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