sponsorship update

Just a quick update on how much money all you lovely people have raised so far –

Kenya Education Partnerships: £3,050
One Laptop Per Child: £1,750

Current total: £4,800

We can’t describe how pleased and excited we are to be setting off tomorrow evening knowing that so much has already been donated. Truly amazing!

And speaking of truly amazing, have a quick read about Tommy Godwin. In 1939 he rode 75,065 miles in a single year. “Imagine spending every day in the saddle for 18 hours, covering over 200 miles, repairing any mechanical failures, picking yourself up after crashes and then riding even further the next day to make up lost time”. He is our new hero, what a man!

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3 thoughts on “sponsorship update

  1. Sebastian Lomas says:

    New year’s resolution anyone? You could use the 24hrs as the first leg.

  2. johncharleswright says:

    I finally got round to sponsoring you!

    All I can say is that I hope you have a great trip, weather’s not looking too bad at the moment, the odd shower on the way to Dover but mostly cloudy, which is good!

    Calais is clear in the morning, a bit of patchy rain through France, but clear in Paris in the evening!

    Wrap up warm though!

    Looking forward to meeting you all later to see you off!

    • ltp24 team says:

      Very generous, thank you!

      Good news about the weather – much better than the forecast at the start of the week!

      Massive thank you once again John for all the help and time you’ve given us. Bring on this evening!

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