The Morning After The Night Before

Yan is the man. He has kindly put all 8 of us up in his amazing flat in the centre of Paris, next to the Eiffel Tower. The balcony has an OK view!

The team needs some time to recover(!), but soon we’ll post some stories from various perspectives on the ride. No doubt they will all tell a slightly different story!

Let us know if you have any advice for things we should do in Paris that don’t involve a bicycle.


284 miles – Arc de Triomphe

23 hours 31 minutes! Not even the weather could stop the team from making it.

Too tired to type, more stories to follow at some point in the next few days. Once again thank you all for your generous support, it is what got us here!

We can assure you it was one of the toughest and most challenging days of our lives! Although words really can’t put into words the pain…

260 miles – Somewhere outside Paris

Somehow, somehow…

…There is a slim chance they might make it.

218 miles – Crevecoeur-le-Grande

And then came the rain, the hail, the hills and the headwind.

The team has fallen behind time owing to some terrible riding conditions. Big push if they are to make it in time, and they don’t look especially healthy!

Cross your fingers.

165 miles – Dullions

Rain has finally caught up with the team, after threatening from the off. Still on track, very very tired, so struggling to come up with more to say!

142 miles – Flechin

The first leg in France proved a seriously tough one. 1 hour in the whole team hit a brick wall, when some big hills loomed as the sun started to rise.

The team finished the stage 15 minutes behind schedule, but are still well on target after catching the early ferry.

A much needed quick coffee is on the cards, before setting off again on the slightly shorter 2nd stage in France.

More updates to follow.

77 miles – Dover

The team smashed out the last leg to Dover averaging a very speedy 19mph on an eerie pitch black dual carriage way. Cat eyes guided the way, disappearing off into the seemingly never ending darkness ahead.

The push proved worth it, when we arrived into the ferry check in just in time to get on the earlier ferry.

Now an hour ahead of schedule, the team moral is high. Bring on France!

50 miles – Favisham

After a very slow start due to heavy traffic out of london, we finally started to open our legs up heading towards sittingbourne.

Unfortunately we had to drop Albert who was struggling on the hills, but now we are pushing on at near 20mph in the hope we might be able to catch the hour earlier ferry.

Tom fell off his bike after just 15 mins which was embarassing, and gregs speedo broke after 0.01 miles, but other than that, everything is dandy!

Tally ho!

T-minus 2 hours

The thunder and lightning has stopped, the sun is creeping out from behind the big black clouds… there is still hope.