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le fuzz

Three stories down, three to go. As an aside, here are some photos of our brief altercation with the French Police when we arrived at the Arc. Noah was much more accommodating.

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pimp my ride

We have suddenly realised that you, our dear readers, know nothing of the beasts that we ride. So here we are:

1. Austin’s fixed training bike
Despite a somewhat haphazard aesthetic, this fixed gear conversion is a nice ride and perfect for cadence training. Austin is yet to acquire a road bike for the big ride.

2. Greg’s end2ender
This green beauty is what took Greg the 1000miles from Lands End to John o Groats a few years ago. This bike has been through a lot, and despite being on its last wheels, has been a useful training bike these first few weeks. There is however no doubt that this won’t make London to Paris without one part or another falling off, so Greg, like Austin, is also lacking a racer for the big ride.

3. Greg’s new fixie
Instead of more sensibly spending his savings on a racer for the big ride, Greg has instead built this fixie for his daily central London commute and cadence training. It’s fast, it’s light, it looks sexy, but it lacks a few gears to pull off London to Paris in 24 hours!

4. Tom’s roadster
Austin took this from London to Marrakech this summer, which was quite a feat. In the process of doing this, almost every part had to be replaced, so now Tom is lucky enough to be the only member of the team with a currently fully functional racing bike. Lucky him.

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section through the city

Last weekend Austin undertook his first training ride in the hills surrounding Cardiff, while on a weekend away visiting his brother. It was as expected, he ended the ride cold, aching and with snot all over his face, but at it was a start.

Since then, Greg & Austin (G&A) have settled into training in London, while Tom (T) does the same all alone in Cambridge.

The past week has been a melee of pedal revolutions and heavy breathing. Yesterday (Sat 28th) G&A embarked on their first joint long weekend ride. It should be noted that the word ‘long’ here is relative; despite riding relatively hard for 3 hours, we only covered a seventh of what is to be the London to Paris distance. Still, it was valuable time in the saddle.

The route went west through central London from the flat, and then south over the river towards Kingston. The ride was an interesting one, cutting a section through the city in more ways than one; the rugged east end, the glitzed-up Chelsea, the faux-rural expanses of Richmond Park. In the park there were lots of deer, several people on horse back, two hills and many many men attempting to cycle away from mid-life crises on very expensive bicycles.

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training begins

the plan is to get out on our bikes 3 times during the week, building up the ride distance from 20 to 50 miles over the next month or so

on top of this, we aim to do the following big weekend rides:

  •  28 jan – 40 miles
  • 4 feb – 50 miles
  • 11 feb – 60 miles
  • 18 & 19 feb – 70 & 70 miles
  • 25 feb – 80 miles
  • 4 mar – 90 miles
  • 10 mar – 100 miles
  • 17 & 18 mar – 100 & 100 miles
  • 24 & 25 mar – 100 & 100 miles
  • 31 mar – 180 miles
  • 7 apr – 80 miles
  • 19 apr – D-DAY

who’d have thought writing a training plan was so bloody easy?!

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the team grows?

interest has come in thick and fast from friends who are considering joining us on this mini-adventure

ok, this may be a slight exaggeration, but the bicycle super team (for lack of a real name as of yet) may soon be welcoming a few new members

get in touch if you want to join us!

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the idea is born…

pencil has hit paper

heads are already in hands

austin, greg & tom will be riding their bicycles from london to paris

in just 24 hours

in exactly 3 months time

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